Leann has been a  drama teacher for 28 years, 18 of which have been at Bearden High School where  she has been a two time recipient of the Teacher of the Year awards. If you have seen any of the musical theatre productions at BHS, you know how fabulous she is as a director! She has  also taught in San Francisco, Honolulu, Birmingham and Atlanta. She is  excited to be working with the talented cast and crew of The Secret Garden, many of whom she directed in Ragtime with The WordPlayers two summers ago.

Leann responds to a couple of questions concerning The Secret Garden:

What is the meaning or central message of the show?

I believe  there are many messages in this story, but one of the primary ones centers  around the healing that occurs in both Mary and Colin from their work in the  garden as they begin to experience the awe and wonder of creation and take part  in the cultivation of that garden. Almost all of the characters in this musical   are directly affected and changed by the new found life in the garden and  how it brings about new life in both Colin and Mary. 

If you could pick one thing about the story of THE SECRET GARDEN  that really speaks to your heart, what would it be?

Dickon’s character, as well as his song, Wick, has significance for me as a believer. He  is the character who sees life where others do not, and the one who gently  steps in to draw forth that life in both the garden and in Mary. He challenges  Mary and us as he playfully speaks lines such as “a body can’t find a  thing in a crowd,” and calls us search and listen and be still. 

Leann is crafting a powerful experience for us! Hope you can see it!

Jeni Lamm