Being a Christian and a theatre artist is a bit of a challenge at times. It is difficult to find great material that expresses the struggles, challenges, and triumphs of the Christian life in a way that is real and relevant.

When I read the script for The Alabaster Jar, I was touched by the characters and the powerful message it communicated. The Alabaster Jar shares our struggle as we try to live a life dedicated to God. In trying to follow our beliefs, we strive to do what is right.

Sometimes things seem black and white as we try to follow the “letter of the law,” but Jesus shows us how we should forgive and encourage righteousness by offering grace and mercy. The Alabaster Jar (with its amazing cast) takes us on a journey as it fictionalizes what would have happened to the woman caught in adultery after she was saved by Jesus. My hope is that this story will challenge us to be wise in our judgments and generous in our mercy.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the production (Click on the picture to see the enlarged image):

Alabaster Jar Knoxville WordPlayers Photo 3 Alabaster Jar Knoxville WordPlayers Photo 4 Alabaster Jar Knoxville WordPlayers Photo 5 Alabaster Jar Knoxville WordPlayers Photo 6

If you’ve seen our production of The Alabaster Jar, then leave us a comment and tell us what you think!