We are happy to announce that we will be returning to The Bijou Theatre after the success of The Secret Garden last summer. This July, we will present The Spitfire Grill – an intimate and heartening musical.

The cast and crew is very excited! Here’s what a few of them have to say:

I’m a story teller by nature, so I’m looking forward to just telling the story. I love the way that the story of the Spitfire mirrors that of our own city. Over the last several years I have been so excited to see Knoxville growing again. Old buildings are restored and old neighborhoods revitalized…it’s like our city is slowly coming back to life.
Michael Brown – Actor

I am very excited to portray Caleb Thorpe once again on stage. I am especially excited to do so with The WordPlayers and a different cast than I performed with previously when I did this role in 2007.
John Cherry – Actor

I like that every character moves and changes and grows, not just the protagonist. Also, it will be great to be back on the Bijou stage … that was the first stage I ever performed on, besides a church stage.
Elizabeth Eaker – Actor

I’m most excited to share this beautiful story of redemption! (and to be in a musical again) 🙂
Amanda Murphy – Actor

I am excited about creating the character of Shelby. This character is much more “meaty” than others I have played in musicals. I’m also quite excited to play the Bijou. I love historic spaces!!
Christy Watson – Actor

Whenever I begin a new show, I always look forward to reconnecting with old theater friends and making lots of new ones. As for this show, I am especially excited to work with The WordPlayers for the first time.
Dana Wham – Actor

A powerful story told by talented artists in a beautiful space … what’s not to love?! It’s another Wordplayers production that will make Knoxville proud. Don’t miss it!
Joe Jaynes – Actor

I’m looking forward to digging in to this material with such a talented cast. I love the music and story of this show, and that all of the characters go through a change.
Matthew Lloyd – Director

As Stage Manager, I’m excited about being able to serve this cast and crew and make the whole process a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.
Lisa Blair – Stage Manager

It’s always such a joy to be part of a team bringing a show to the stage with a touching message within its story. Theatre is entertainment, true. But some shows, like The Spitfire Grill, can have a profound effect on the audience member beyond the entertainment factor. I love “meaningful” theatre.
Tammy Murphy – Costumer

I am most excited about Percy’s transformation from a hardened woman to a loving friend and helpful companion to Hannah. I am also very excited about the song “Shoot the Moon” where essays are pouring into the Grill and get thrown into the air during the song.
Lexie McCarty – Props Master

Bringing to Knoxville’s beautiful jewel – The Bijou Theatre – this story of renewal and hope!
Terry Weber – Artistic Director

Dates: July 10-12. Tickets will be on sale beginning May 1.