By Terry Weber

My wife, Jeni, and I just returned from an extended celebration of our 30th anniversary. We drove more than 2800 miles over 12 days, visiting family and friends on our way to and from Maine. Neither of us had ever been there and many people had told us how beautiful it is, especially in summer.

On the way to our first stop in Maine, the beautiful Lake Cobbosseecontee, I was hitting the “seek” button on the radio in search of something interesting to listen to. It landed on a gospel song which contained the lyric “Get your worship on.” I regret that I don’t know the recording artist. The phrase made me smile and somehow resonated with me, but in an unspecific way.

When we arrived at the lake during the afternoon of a picture perfect day, I experienced what it was to get my worship on. The sun was warm, the breeze cool, the scenery beautiful, and the water perfect for a brisk swim to the dock about 50 yards out into the water. Later, the sunset over the lake was breath-taking. I could only marvel and praise the Lord for the natural beauty of that place.

Over the ensuing days in Maine, I got my worship on by praising God over and over again because of the many beautiful locations we visited. The zenith was reached in Acadia National Park. Again, we were blessed with perfect weather. All day long, wherever we went in the park, the next view was more stunning than the previous one. Oh, how He must love us! And oh, how I pray we will be excellent stewards of His creation, that these places can be preserved for all to experience.

As The WordPlayers is set to begin the 2013-14 season, I am reminded of Colossians 3:23 (NIV): “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” I think that means that as we participate in this gift of theatre, we need to get our worship on!