Christopher Columbus. Remember when he bought into the crazy idea that the world was round, and took off in a sail boat? I don’t remember it either, but I know it happened. It’s been handed down throughout history, by people who were there. I’m sure a lot of “behind the scenes” work went into that voyage, and it worked out, because they got there. Somewhere. They actually, accidentally, discovered a part of the world they didn’t even know existed instead of reaching the destination they had in mind. I bet everyone who was a part of that voyage was pretty proud to be there.

I wonder if The WordPlayers knew where they would be today when they set out to do some main stage shows, twenty or so years ago. If you saw Little Women at the Bijou this past weekend, you probably know where I am going with this. I was so proud to be a part of The WordPlayers Sunday afternoon. I just wanted to say to everyone applauding with delight, “yeah, I work here.” The talent, the chemistry, the direction, the set. It was all spot on. By the first time Jo said “Christopher Columbus!” I was hooked, and by the time the Professor had caught on and said it as well, I had cried, and laughed, and followed the cast on whatever voyage they might have taken me on.

This, of course, is not a “new world” for The WordPlayers. For the past several years they have wowed Knoxville with these main stage shows. It is a blessing to do what we do. Our tours speak Truth, in specific, powerful ways. Our main stage shows explore themes that the culture around us wrestles with everyday. Why just talk about things when we can show them? Why not step into the shoes of someone else and explore what they feel and deal with? We get to do this. Of course, just like Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the new world, it takes a lot of “behind the scenes” work. Sponsors (this stuff costs money), back stage hands, who work hard to provide seamless scene changes, lighting design, set construction, and Gene Wooten on the sound. It takes you. Whether you sponsored financially, or worked behind the scenes, or simply purchased a ticket and showed up to be inspired, you make these voyages happen. Thanks.

So, if you believe the world is round, get out here and work with us! Sponsor us, pray for us, audition. Pray for us!

See you on the next voyage!