Were those the first words out of your mouth this morning? Did you go so far as to climb over the end of your bed? I thought about it; it’s a new month after all, and a big one for The WordPlayers. Today marks the beginning of our 2017-2018 Season. But I didn’t do anything that silly this morning because I’m not superstitious and I don’t rely on luck. I consider myself a person of faith and The WordPlayers is a faith-based company.

In faith that it is possible to get everything done, I tackle my first month’s To Do List.

In faith that our community will be interested, we have selected our plays and made other programming decisions.

In faith that the Lord will provide all we need, our Board of Directors has passed a $127,000 budget for the upcoming season.

So we not only have faith in God but we also have faith in YOU.  Hop on over to our new season page and prayerfully consider how you might leap in to assist us in our mission.

And one last thing, if you did say Rabbit Rabbit this morning, hoping for luck as you jump into the future and move ahead with life and happiness, no condemnation here! It’s all in fun. Just remember, as I am telling myself, God created the rabbits, he created you, and he’s got this momentous month of August as well as all the months following.

Jeni Lamm, Managing Director, The WordPlayers