The WordPlayers begins its 2012-13 season by riding the wave of the miraculous experience that was RAGTIME. Through it all, God showed his mercy, faithfulness, and love. Praise and glory be to God for all that RAGTIME was for the audiences and the company!

It was a big audience: over 3600 folks spread over 6 performances in 2 different cities.

It was big company: over 100 committed and collegial people working as actors, musicians, crew of various types (costumes, lights, sound, sets, props), front-of-house volunteers, and prayer partners.

It’s the prayer team that I wish to honor with this blog. Following are words that our director, Leann Dickson, shared with them after we closed RAGTIME:

“I want to thank you for your faithful prayers for this production. I have directed many productions and I have never experienced anything like this. Even in the very toughest of challenges, the presence of the Father was so strong that I had everything I needed to walk this vision out. Many of you I have never met – but your prayers have left me a different director – a different person. Even the seasoned performers in this production commented on the joy and fellowship of this collection of people.

I hope I get to meet you all one day and tell you face to face what a difference you have made among a cast/crew/team of 70ish people and in a community where approximately 3000 people saw this show.”

As Artistic Director of The WordPlayers, I have had it reinforced that we must be a company not only of theatre artists with a Christian worldview, but of pray-ers.

Terry Weber