The WordPlayers has been touring a Black History play each February since 2007. These plays are about American History, really, and they are about freedom and justice for all. And every year we hear: “That play is so timely!” It’s kind of sad when we do a play about our past — plays about discrimination towards others — and the topic remains “so timely” year after year.

These plays highlight many of the laws that have been passed over the years to protect the civil rights of minorities. It seems to me that there may be enough laws now but the problem is you can’t eradicate prejudice and inhumanity with laws. And you can’t outlaw people from wanting to have power over others. Only God’s law, “Love one another,” can fix our problems and heal our land.

Maybe someday in the future our plays about justice for all will not be “timely.” … We can dream along with Dr. King. In the meantime, let’s allow plays like this to inspire us to work for peace, justice and love for all humanity.

Jeni Lamm

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