Leaving Iowa has now been on The WordPlayers MainStage since November 12. Of course, we think that if you haven’t seen it yet, then you should do so very soon! But since we may be a little biased, we thought we would let you know what others have told us about the show!

“It was an absolutely wonderful play about family vacations. I can always remember my family vacations, when we went to see my mother’s side of the family in South Georgia. It was always very good and brought back a lot of good memories about family and how families interact, as you see with the classic father–son relationship. Go see it. If you want to laugh and if you want to cry, go see it.”
–Eric M.

“I enjoyed it. I thought it was good. I also think it’s a good representation of the typical family.”
–Harry H.

“It was cute because I can remember having been in Iowa where it’s flat, you drive for miles, and it’s very easy to get lost. My dad would always take a scenic route, and of course, we were never lost. So, it was very refreshing.”
–Martha R.

“It was amazing how they made you feel like they had a whole troupe of actors up there with only six people. It was very entertaining; I laughed until I cried. It brought back a lot of memories of travelling with my dad who stopped at every historical marker. It reminded me how my younger sister and I fussed and feuded, and he didn’t appreciate that. It was a very cathartic experience to see it played out like that.”
– Kate H.

“It’s very thought-provoking. And I almost cried when the Dad didn’t get to go the center of the U.S.”
– Jennifer D.

“Such good actors and actresses. It was just delightful. It was like going on trips years ago when I was young: the way we acted and talked. It was so authentic. I don’t know if there’s a better word to describe it than that. I’m not easily impressed, but I was impressed.”
– Ann P.

From nostalgia to laughter to tears, Leaving Iowa plucks on many of the emotional strings. By the way, you can bring your church newsletter or bulletin and get $2 off tickets purchased at the door!

For showtimes, please see the Leaving Iowa page.