Dominic Gillette is THRILLED to have the opportunity to play the role of Coalhouse Walker Jr. in this production. He has played numerous roles including Seaweed in Hairspray, Jim in Big River, & Creon in Antigone. This show is helping him as an actor by teaching him to take on bigger challenges and to always strive for greatness. He thanks God, his mother and grandmother, his brothers, and his sister. And he dedicates his performances to all his loyal friends who have believed in him through the years.

You are in the early stage of your career. Are there any actors who inspire you and why?
Being a young actor I look up to many actors so I can learn as much as I possibly can. The one actor I look up to the most is Will Smith. He is such a great actor. His drive and love for the art inspires me to push myself to new levels. I am also a BIG fan of Don Cheadle, Terrance Howard, and Brian Stokes Mitchell because they all believe in an “I can do it” attitude.

Tell us a little about the character you will play in Ragtime?
Coalhouse is a man fighting for change, and because of certain circumstances in Ragtime, his more “violent” side is shown. He is very well educated which in this period is rare. He also loves music!

Do you identify with this character in any way?
YES! Coalhouse and Dominic could have been really close friends. I am always pushing for change, and I feel like we have so far to go. He also loves music, as do I!

What are you doing to prepare for this role?
To prepare for this specific role, I am sleeping, drinking a lot of water, reading, and praying. I love, love, LOVE what I do, and I look at every day as a blessing.

Why should people come see Ragtime?
People should come see Ragtime because of the caliber of talent in the show. This cast is so phenomenal. I feel that Ragtime will show you that “Yes, Knoxville can make big things happen” and hopefully more people will get involved with theatre, People should also see the show for the story. Ragtime will move your heart. This is a really great show, and I advise people to see it, it will change Knoxville theatre.