In a perfect world, you would only direct shows that excite you, that you have a strong vision for, that really mean something to you. But sometimes a show just needs a director. For me, this show started out in such a way. Someone needed to direct, and since there wasn’t a character I felt particularly interested in playing, I agreed. Of course, I knew that I would need to find a vision for this show; and I did, in an unusual way.

When I first told my wife I was considering directing this show, she said, “I don’t like that show.” This was my challenge!  I knew that I liked the show, but I needed to determine what it was that my wife didn’t like about it, and was there something I could do as a director to help it be a show she could enjoy?

I guess on the surface, this show could seem like a story about a bunch of “bad kids”, but that’s just where it starts. The real story is one of acceptance, inclusion, and how the simple story of Christmas can have a profound effect.  Our goal has been to make sure that message comes through.

I think we have accomplished that. I believe that my wife will like this show, and I think you will, too. I hope that through the eyes of the Herdmans, you will see the story of the birth of Jesus in a fresh light.

– Matthew Lloyd