Spring 2018 Touring Show


The Refugee King
by Ethan Norman

You know the story. A long time ago, Jesus lived, died, and rose again. We tell it and re-tell it, and for good reason. But to what end? How does it really affect our daily life two thousand years later? Join us as we journey with a young couple who find themselves in a story where they must choose to be like Jesus or everyone else. This Spring, experience the Gospel unfolding at a kitchen table like yours in the fresh, vibrant, one-act play with music, The Refugee King.

It’s not like anything you’ve seen; it’s like everything we look for.

Love. Costs. Something.

The Refugee King by Ethan Norman
Available to tour to your facility March 4 – April 15, 2018
Length: app. 30 minutes
Fee $350


“The WordPlayers helps serve the local church by opening up the imagination for the Bible to come to life in contemporary times and places. Through strong, realistic portrayals, the actors and actresses put their heart and soul into it. They humbly point to God and blessings of hope, faith, challenge, and grace flow throughout each of the performances. You’ll absolutely love them and want to book them again! Our congregation has hosted about a half a dozen times and intend to in the future because new scripts keep coming forth! Not only would I highly recommend The WordPlayers for your church or group, but also I am certain that you will join in amazement at how well their presentations are done.  By inviting them to visit, you will quickly become a fan of what and how they do God’s work, spurring others on to serve God these days.”
— Mark Lampley, Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian,Knoxville, TN

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