A Credo for Christian Actors

by Terry Weber

With thanks to and based on the suggestions of Prof. Dan Buck at Lee University, The WordPlayers’ company recently adopted the following credo:

We believe that glorifying God through our art requires diligent care of our bodies, minds, and souls.

We believe that exploration in the rehearsal studio and on the stage will result in the revelation of God’s truth.

We believe in creating a community marked by humility and grace.
The exercise of our art is a spiritual pursuit that includes diligent work, fearless learning, and loving collaboration.

Thank you, Dan, for helping us to articulate some guiding principles, but – man! – they are a lot to think about. They seem like simple words, and sometimes when I come back to them, they are. I get them. Other times, they seem really complex and challenging. Today is one of those days, when they don’t seem so simple, but I’m glad they are there to ponder.

Maybe you’ll find them worth pondering, too.