Ethan Norman

Ethan Norman


An Advertisement; A Confession

Featured, MainStage Wing | on October, 16, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

The Truth About Our Fall Mainstage Show By Ethan Norman I was helping my wife run lines when I realized what I had done. In the midst of offering a very dry reading of the other characters for her to practice with, I was moved. I mean, the scene actually touched me. I had no […]

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48 Clocks – A Saying for Silence

Featured | on October, 05, 2017 | by | 1 Comments

By Ethan Norman I don’t want to see what is on the news. It is mostly drama, off the stage, the kind we try to remedy on the stage. An inflamed or infected version of daily life, for most people, but not this time. This time I don’t want to watch the news because it’s […]

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Plays, Rockets, and Hotdogs

Featured | on September, 28, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

A Month in Review By Ethan Norman As it turns out, Grace Hamer still has a thing for Ronnie DeVoe. We also know precisely how Terri Lloyd prefers her burger, and that Dottie Justice-Spilman hung up on Dolly Parton, twice. Some of these things we learned because they told us, some by observation (standing next […]

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Interview with a Wordplayer

Featured | on September, 21, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

A Once a Month, Biopic of a WordPlayer For Life These are people that have shared the face of The WordPlayers for years now, and chances are you have seen them perform.  But who are they? Who is that redhead with the angelic singing voice and the hilarious delivery of dramatically-read “bad poetry”? Her name […]

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Arts and Healing – Part 1

Featured | on September, 08, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

by Ethan Norman I was a little hesitant, when we wrote the card. It occurred to me that words, in a time like this, are terribly insufficient. Is this even a good idea? Will this help or hurt? Maybe they just need space. Maybe God has given me something to say in a moment where […]

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Growing Pains

Featured | on August, 25, 2017 | by | 1 Comments

By Ethan Norman Wide eyes and a trembling lower lip is what I can still picture on the faces of some staff as The WordPlayers sat with a round table of consultants, eager to help us navigate the next phase of life in a faith-based, arts-driven, non-profit organization which is realizing it has a legacy. […]

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If You Believe the World Is Round

Featured, MainStage Wing | on July, 21, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

Christopher Columbus. Remember when he bought into the crazy idea that the world was round, and took off in a sail boat? I don’t remember it either, but I know it happened. It’s been handed down throughout history, by people who were there. I’m sure a lot of “behind the scenes” work went into that […]

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Featured, MainStage Wing | on July, 04, 2017 | by | 3 Comments

Nothing against Knoxville but, for a minute there, I thought I was in New York. I’m not talking about those Broadway touring companies with a cast of classically trained singers who are going to sing classically even if it has zero connection to their character, and by the time they get to your town they […]

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Featured | on June, 05, 2017 | by | 0 Comments

by Ethan Norman I was running through the woods today when I realized what the two most priceless things in the world are: ability and opportunity. I found myself so grateful for the beauty of the earth, which can feel so far away, down in the neighborhood. The opportunity to get out away from man-made […]

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Humble: The Only Beginning

Featured, Touring Wing | on October, 26, 2016 | by | 1 Comments

From Typo to Great Show It was a good night to appreciate humility as I sat at the head of a table for the first read through of a play I wrote and am now directing. It’s not my first rodeo. I’ve already set aside worrying about whether they will think it’s amazing or be […]

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