We have been in rehearsal for The Spitfire Grill for a few weeks now. Here’s what the artists are saying:

What do you like most about this show?

I love the story. I’m realizing that one of the things I love most about theater is telling stories, and this is such a rewarding one to tell. – Matthew Lloyd, Director

I absolutely love the music in this show. The harmonies are beautiful and the tunes are quite catchy. I can’t wait to hear this beautiful music with the fabulous acoustics in the Bijou. I can’t wait to get to rehearsal every night just to sing these beautiful songs. – Dana Wham, Actor playing Hannah

I’ve been amazed at the emotional power of this show. Even though it’s often considered to be a “small musical” because of the size of the cast, there’s nothing small at all about the way it tugs at the heartstrings. – Joe Jaynes, Actor playing Eli

What do you think audiences will get out of it?

Audiences should feel a real connection to several of these characters. They are real and flawed people. – John Cherry, Actor playing Caleb

I believe that our audiences are going to leave the theater feeling very uplifted. This is a sweet and inspiring show with a beautiful message of hope. – Dana

People will be uplifted and encouraged by the strong story of reconciliation, acceptance, and perhaps even redemption that every character experiences in one way or another. Not to mention the pleasure of seeing some truly outstanding performances (both acting and singing). – Joe