About a year ago, in April of 2011, The WordPlayers produced SHADOWLANDS, William Nicholson’s moving play about the relationship between C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman.  It proved to be an extraordinary experience for many people.  Below, Anne Millett, who masterfully directed our production, reflects on SHADOWLANDS plus one year.

Knoxville WordPlayers Shadowlands 2011

“When Terry first asked if I’d be interested in directing SHADOWLANDS, I was immediately filled with the warm rush of yes. Oddly enough, I saw it right away from the perspective of the wardrobe itself: maybe God’s perspective? Just watching the characters live out this experience of risk, of letting each other in, exposing themselves as vulnerable to the light and pain that go with committed love. From the perspective of the beautiful observation deck of the creator. To explore/embrace the transition between this world and the next. The agonizing beauty of it. I now feel like we all held hands and stepped through that portal together. As it turns out, that experience helped prepare me for my mother’s passing in August as well as some dear friends’ confronting cancer this year. You just never know. Embrace the story you have now, and it will enrich you later.

To work with Terry and Nancy: it was just right – a privilege – all that brainpower and respect and fun. It was good in the room. The work of Westminster Chancel Choir, recording the vocal music with such pristine dedication – Leigh Ann Jernigan’s crystalline vision of the Tree – heaven. There you go. So many appeared to provide just what we needed at the right time. A transformative experience – we all respected it.”