The WordPlayers’ WORDathon is a truly unique event. We live in a day and age where there is a critical loss of biblical literacy. People–and many of them Christians–don’t know their bible. They don’t read the Word, and they rarely even hear the Word. The WORDathon stands in stark contrast.

In previous WORDathons, we have read selected books of the Bible over the final hours of each year. This year, however, we are stepping it up. Over a three day period, we will be hosting a Genesis to Revelation reading of the entire bible. Many people are bringing their best reading voices and committing to many hours. We have the rare opportunity to open our mouths and out comes the heart of God.

The event will take place at Erin Presbyterian Church from 8 pm on Dec. 26 to 9 pm, we think, on Dec. 29. You can see the schedule here.

Come and let scripture wash over you. Sit at His feet. Rest in his presence. Receive lavish portions from his table. Stay for an hour. Stay for a day. Bring your pillow and stay for the whole thing!
And please consider supporting this unique celebration of the Word. A year end financial gift from you will help The WordPlayers finish the year strong as we speak forth the very words of our God in this special way. Like the original walk-a-thon, we would like for people to sponsor a reader or section of Scripture. If you are interested in making a donation, please see our donations page:

Gregor Smee